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Address: 135 George Street South, Apt. 304
Toronto, ON
Telephone:   +1 (416) 504 7636

Citizenship:  Canadian and British


1966     B.A. (Honours in Psychology). Queen's University of Belfast

1967     Postgraduate Diploma in Library Studies. Queen's University of Belfast

1970     Associate of the Library Association (U.K.)

1997     Fellow of the Library Association (UK) - now the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (U.K.)


1967 - 1971     Assistant Medical Librarian, Queen's University of Belfast. In this position I was one of (initially) three professional librarians and was responsible for establishing five Postgraduate Medical Centre Libraries throughout Northern Ireland under a Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust grant, and for acting as the "second in command" in the Queen's University Medical Library.

1971 - 1972     Head of Public Services, W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In this position I was in charge of the library's public services operations - which had a staff complement of three other librarians - and supervised the reference, circulation and inter-library loan operations. In addition, I acted as a "resource person" for hospital libraries throughout Nova Scotia.

1972 - 1974     Assistant Medical Librarian, McGill University, Montréal, Canada. In this position I was responsible for supervising all three sections of the McGill University Medical Library (public services, collection development and technical services), which, at that time, had a professional staff of nine, and for acting as the main liaison with the libraries in the McGill teaching hospitals.

1974 - 1990     Assistant Life Sciences Area Librarian, McGill University, Montréal, Canada. In late 1973 the McGill University Libraries were reorganized along broad subject lines and five "Areas" were created. The Life Sciences Area consisted of seven libraries (subsequently reduced by amalgamation to four); agriculture, botany, dentistry, history of medicine (Osler Library), medicine, nursing and zoology. My position involved supervising all aspects of the Medical Library and working with the Life Sciences Area Librarian in coordinating collection development and services in the other six libraries, with the other Areas of the McGill library system and with our teaching hospitals.

1990  - 1998     Life Sciences Area Librarian. When the former Life Sciences Area Librarian was promoted to become Deputy Director of Libraries I was appointed to the position of Life Sciences Area Librarian though, due to continued streamlining, I retained almost all the my former responsibilities. As Life Sciences Area Librarian I was much more closely involved in the other libraries in the Life Sciences Area. These now totaled four; Agriculture, Biology, Health Sciences and the Osler Library of the History of Medicine.

1999  - 2002     Health Sciences Librarian and Serials Coordinator for McGill University Libraries. The McGill Library System was again reorganized in 1998/99 and responsibility for the Blacker-Wood (biology) and Macdonald Campus (agriculture) Libraries was taken over by the new position of Special Libraries Coordinator. I remained responsible for the Health Sciences and Osler Libraries and in addition assumed responsibility for coordinating serials (print and electronic) in all McGill libraries. (Licensing, ordering etc.)

As Life Sciences Area Librarian and, then, Health Sciences Librarian I sat on the Library System's Senior Management and Automation Planning Groups and Chaired and/or was a member of many of the Library System's operational committees or working groups.

1989  - 1998     Guest Research Librarian at the China Medical University, Shenyang, People's Republic of China. After acting as a consultant to the China Medical University in 1986, I returned there for five months in 1989 as a Visiting Librarian  and for shorter visits in 1991, 1998 and 2001. My initial visits were concerned with advising the Librarian and Vice President on library needs; my later visits have involved me more with teaching students in the Faculty of Medical Library and Information Science.

1998     Promoted  to the rank of Honorary Research Librarian by the China Medical University.


1978     Awarded tenure by the University.

1980     Promoted to the rank of Associate Librarian.

1984     Promoted to the rank of Librarian.

1989     Awarded a one-year sabbatical leave by McGill University.

1992     Awarded the "Career Recognition Award for Outstanding Librarianship" by McGill University.

1997     Invited to join the "Senior Fellows Institute" - a three-week residential summer seminar on issues of library and information    management held (that year) at Long Island University, NY.

1997 - 1998     Awarded a one-year sabbatical leave by McGill University.

2000 - 2002     Building Director, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building, McGill University.

2002               Awarded the rank of Emeritus Librarian by McGill University.


1966 - 1971     Secretary and Chair of the Management Committee, Senior Common Room (Faculty Club). Queen's University, Belfast.

1968 - 1971     Treasurer and Member of Executive Committee. Belfast Association of University Teachers.

1974 - 1975     President, McGill Association of University Librarians.

1984 - 1986     Member of Senate and Senate Nominating Committee, McGill University.

1972 - 2002     Member of many McGill University and McGill University Libraries committees including: Senate Committee on the University Bookstore, Senate Committee on Student Discipline, University Appeal Committee on Student Discipline and Grievance, Committee to Select a Director of Libraries, Staff Benefits Advisory Committee, Trustee, Long-term Disability Fund, Senate Committee on Physical Development, McGill University Board of Governors' Academic Salary Policy Sub-Committee and (representing academic staff) the 1998/99 Committee to Select a University Chancellor.

1992 - 2002     Chair of the Management Committee of the McGill Affiliated Health Sciences Library Consortium. The Consortium, formed in 1992, links the McGill library system with the libraries in the affiliated hospitals and formalizes earlier ad-hoc arrangements. It has resulted in hospitals contributing funds to make online biomedical databases available to the whole McGill community in a distributed fashion.

1995 - 1997     Vice President (Internal) and member of the Executive Committee, McGill Association of University Teachers. As Vice President (Internal) I was responsible for relations with the University administration, including issues of salary, benefits, pensions, discipline and grievance, tenure and retirement. To accomplish these responsibilities I was a member of or chaired a number of MAUT and University committees including committees on salary policy, staff relations, benefits and academic regulations.

1996 - 2002     Member, representing McGill University, of CREPUQ Group de travail des bibliothèques en sciences de la santé. CREPUQ links Québec universities


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Association of Academic Health Sciences Library Directors
   Institutional representative 1990  -  2002

Association of Canadian Medical Colleges. Committee on Medical School Libraries.

   Invited member 1972  - 1989. 
   Institutional representative 1990 - 2002. 
   Secretary 1974 - 1975 and 1987 - 1989. 
   Chair 1994 - 1996.

Canadian Health Libraries Association

    President. 1976  - 1977 and 1984  - 1985. 
    Member, Board of Directors. 1976 - 1979, 1980 - 1982 and 1983 - 1985. 
    Member, Oral History Committee 1999 - 2004.
    Honorary Life Member 1999  -
    Continuing Education Committee (2005 Annual Meeting).  Member 2004 - 2005.

Medical Library Association

   Editorial Committee on the Bulletin of the MLA. Member, 1973 - 1976, Chair, 1975 - 1976. 
   Publications Committee. Chair, 1976. Publications Panel. Member, 1976 - 1980. 
   National Program Committee. Member, 1981, 1989 and 1993. 
   International Cooperation Committee. Member, 1984 - 1987. 
   Continuing Education Committee. Member 1990 - 1993.

Medical Library Association - Canadian Group.

   Vice-Chair, 1979/80. Chair, 1980/81.

City of Toronto. First Parliament Site Working Group.

Member. Representing the St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association. 2013-2018


China Medical University, Shenyang, China. General library consultant April/May 1986. Visit sponsored by the China Medical University, the Canadian International Development Agency and the Gouvernement du Québec.

China Medical University, Shenyang, China. General library consultant and advisor on both the health sciences library and the Faculty of Medical Library and Information Science, now the School of Information Management and Information Systems (Medicine). Visits, August  -  December 1989, November  -  December 1991, April  -  May 1998, August - September 2001, September/October 2004. Continuing consultation by mail, e-mail and occasional visits.

World Health Organization. Expert consultant (and participant) for five-day Workshop on "Library Cooperation in the age of Information Technology". Beijing, China, October 1989.

1986 - 2002   Project Director,  McGill University/China Medical University Cooperative Project. This project supports the exchange of staff members between the two libraries.

1994 - 2002   John Wiley and Sons. Member, Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) Library Advisory Board. 

2002 - 2003   Associated Medical Services (Toronto). Member, Education Advisory Committee. 

2003 - 2006   Associated Medical Services (Toronto). Member, Development Advisory Committee.


1988     UNESCO/CIDA grant to support the McGill University - China Medical University Cooperative Project. ($14,500)

1989     World Health Organization Fellowship. Awarded to support visits to the UK and Ireland to study the organization of regional medical library systems. ($6000)

1989     British Council. Publication research grant. ($1000)

1991     Grant (bequest) from the Massabki Estate to establish the Antoine Massabki Endowment to support the McGill University - China Medical University Cooperative Project and other international projects. ($65,000).

1998     Two British Council Travel Grants to support sabbatical leave visits to libraries in the U.K.


1992     Career Recognition Award for outstanding librarianship. McGill University.

1997 -   Fellow of the (UK) Library Association, now the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

1998 -   Honorary Research Librarian, China Medical University, Shenyang.

1999 -   Honorary Life Member, Canadian Health Libraries Association.

2002 -   Emeritus Librarian,  McGill University.

2007     Elected Member, Toronto Medical Historical Club. President, 2008-2009.

2007 -   Delegate to the St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association. (Webmaster of SLNA 2007- 2016)

2008 -   Board of Directors and Secretary, MTCC 573.

2017 - The Canadian Health Libraries Association named their Life Membership Award the "David S. Crawford Honourary Life Membership Award (Membre honoraire à vie David S. Crawford")


First language English, reasonable ability to read and comprehend French.

David S Crawford

Revised March 2018.

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